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Ali's Wonderland

Amanda's Faeries

AngelStar's Dream Castle

Angels & Fairies

Art to Enchant: The Development of Victorian Fairy Painting -- Introduction

The ArtsForge Collection- Fairies: Magical Images

Asrai's Faerie Abode

Audree's Faeries

The Case of the Cottingley Fairies

Cathie's Faery Story Land - Gallo pewter fairies, dragons and wizard figurines; Firelight Glass hand blown oil candles, fantasy books and more

Celtic Faery - graphics, fonts, art, etc.

Cornish Fairies

Cornish Folklore - Piskies, Faeries, Knockers and the Small People

The Dance of the Woodland Fairies

DRealm of the Fairies

Eeiren's Faeries Tales

Enchanted Candles

The Enchanted Hollow

The Fae in Medieval Tales and Folklore

Faeries Delightment

Faeries ... the way they ought to be

Faerie Folklore

The Faerie Glen

Faerielands Forlorn

Faeries and Other Wee Folk


Fairies and their kin

Fairies from the Skeptics Dictionary's point of view

Fairies Galore: Fairy items, stoneware fairies, terracotta fairies, fairy gifts and more fairy jewelry

Fairies of the Realm

The Faery Garden

Faery Hill

Faery Lore

Fairy Cheer's Fairy Page

Fairy Folk

Fairy Gifts

Fairy Goodies - fairy related items to buy at and other places online

Fairy Mythology

The FairyWeb

Fairy Wings

Home of the Fae

French Woods

Garden Fairies and How to Attract Them

The Home of the Faerie Dancer

Irish Folklore

Lady in Black's Mystical Castle

The Land of Faery

The Land of Faery Greeting Cards

Luvz Fairies

Magic Fairies and Fairy Poems

Malgrin's Faerie Page

Medieval fairies: Now you see them, now you don't

Misty Garden

The Mythical Menagerie

Northwest Naturals Rustic Fantasy Dollhouse Miniatures

~ Our Happy Home ~ - Faerie Adoptions

Poetry of Fairies, Scaries and Magick

The Realm of Sun ~ Lo

The Realm of Tink

Book - The Sea Fairies by L. Frank Baum

The Secret Realm

The Seventh Planet of Morganlafey

Sewdolls Fantasy Clipart

Somniare, the lilac dream faeries home

Stacey's Faery Castle


The Wee Little People's Glade

The World of Saya


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