The Book of the Clock by Margaret Tarrant*

Faery Poems, Stories, and Faerie Tales

These are a collection of poems and stories about faeries written by a variety of authors. There are also links to faery tale books available online to read or to buy. If you know of any writings that should be included with this collection, please email them to me . . . be sure to include the author's name, if known.

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Flower Fables by Louisa May Alcott

Peter Pan by James M. Barrie

The Blue Fairy Book, Andrew Lang, editor

The Brown Fairy Book, Andrew Lang, editor

The Crimson Fairy Book, Andrew Lang, editor

The Lilac Fairy Book, Andrew Lang, editor

The Orange Fairy Book, Andrew Lang, editor

The Red Fairy Book, Andrew Lang, editor

The Yellow Fairy Book, Andrew Lang, editor

The Violet Fairy Book, Andrew Lang, editor

Andersen's Fairy Tales, Hans Christian Andersen



Briana and the Faeries - a story written by me for my granddaughter, Briana

A Call of the Sidhe--A.E. (George Russell)

About The Fairies--Jean Ingelow

Alms in Autumn--Rose Fyleman

Assorted Poems by Various Authors

Blind Folk See the Fairies--Rose Fyleman

Bluebells--Walter de la Mare

Calling of the Streams--Stephanie Cortes

Catching Fairies--William Cory

Changeling, The--Charlotte Mew

Cherry Time--Robert Graves

Child and the Faeries, The--Author Unknown

Christmas Fairy of Strasburg--J. Stirling Coyne

Come, Gather Near--Ferrashynn

Comus--John Milton

Culprit Fay, The--Joseph Rodman Drake

Dame Hickory--Walter de la Mare

Do Fairies Like the Rain--Barbara M. Hales

Dream Fairy, The--Thomas Hood

Elves, The--Denise Levertov

Enchanted Tulips--Maud Keary

Ethna The Bride--Lady Wilde

Faeries Music--Lady Wilde

Faery Forest, The--Sara Teasdale

Faery Lass--John Rieping

Faery Song--William Butler Yeats

Faery Song--John Keats

Faery Speaks, A--Sir Walter Scott

Fairies--Rose Fyleman

Fairies--Marchette Gaylord Chute

Fairies, The--William Allingham

Fairies, The--Rose Fyleman

Fairies as Fallen Angels, The--Lady Wilde

Fairies Dancing, The--Walter de la Mare

Fairies' Farewell, The--Richard Corbet

Fairies Have Never a Penny to Spend, The--Rose Fyleman

Fairies of the Caldon-Low, The--Mary Howitt

Fairies' Song--James Leigh Hunt

Fairy, The--William Blake

Fairy Beam Upon You, The--Ben Johnson

Fairy Book, The--Norman Gale

Fairy Bread--Robert Louis Stevenson

Fairy Call, The--from "Lady Cottingley's Pressed Fairy Book"

Fairy Child, The--Lord Dunsanay

Faerie Fair, The--Florence Harrison

Fairy Flute, The--Rose Fyleman

Fairy Frilly--Florence Hoatson

Fairy Glee, The--Deborah Shepard

Fairy Land--William Shakespeare

Fairy Land--Edgar Allan Poe

Fairy Lough, The--Moira O'Neill

Fairy Lover, The--Moireen Fox

Fairy Man, The--Mary Gilmore

Fairy Minister, The--Andrew Lang

Fairy Music--Enid Blyton

Fairy Musicians, The--William Browne

Fairy Pendant, The--William Butler Yeats

Fairy Ring, The--John Rodman Drake

Fairy Shoes--Annette Wynne

Fairy Song--Louisa May Alcott

Fairy Song--Thomas Haynes Bayly

Fairy Song--Arthur Quiller-Couch

Fairy Song--Sir Walter Scott

Fairy Tale--Katherine Mansfield

Fairy Tulips, The--English Folk Tale

Fairy Voyage--Ben Jonson

Fairyland--Maud Keary

Fairy's New Year Gift, The--Emilie Poulsson

Fairys Angel--Deborah Shepard

Fayries Daunce, The--Thomas Ravenscroft

Find, The--Francis Ledwidge

Flowers, The-- Robert Louis Stevenson

Flower Fairies, The--Philip Bourke Marston

Foreign Lands - Robert Louis Stevenson

Girl Who Danced With The Fae, The--Lady Wilde

Goblin Feet--J.R.R. Tolkein

Green Rain--Mary Webb

Have You Ever Watched The Fairies--Rose Fyleman

He Would Dream of Fairyland--Michael Patrick Hearn

Home-Made Fairy Tale--James Whitcomb Riley

Honey Robbers, The--Walter de la Mare

Horn, The--Walter de la Mare

Hosting of the Sidhe, The--William Butler Yeats

How To Tell Goblins from Elves--Monica Shannon

I Keep Three Wishes Ready--Anette Wynne

I Wish For The Fairy Kingdom--Deborah Shepard

I'd Love to Be A Fairy's Child--Robert Graves

If You See A Fairy Ring--William Shakespeare

In The Woods of Finvara--Arthur Symons

Invocation to the Fairies--F.D. Browne-Hemans

Kathleen--Eliza Keary

La Belle Dame Sans Merci--John Keats

Lady of the Night--Bryan Irvin

Lady of Shalott, The--Alfred Lord Tennyson

Lament of the Leprechaun--Nora Hopper

Leprechaun, The--Robert Dwyer Joyce

Light-Hearted Fairy, The--Unknown

Little Elfman--John Kendrick Bangs

Little Men, The--Flora Fearne

Lost Child, The--Robert Hunt

Lover's Quarrel Among the Fairies, A--William Butler Yeats

Man Who Dreamt of Fairyland, The--William Butler Yeats

Mercutio's Queen Mab Speech--William Shakespeare

Mocking Fairy, The--Walter de la Mare

Mor of Cloyne--Alfred Perceval Graves

Never--Walter de la Mare

Opal Dream Cave, The--Katherine Mansfield

Over Hill, Over Dale--William Shakespeare


Potato's Dance, The--Vachel Lindsay

Princess Nobody - A Tale of Fairyland - Andrew Lang

Queen Mab--Ben Jonson

Queen of Fairies, The--Anonymous

Rainbow, The--Maud Keary

Rainbow Fairies, The--Juliana Horatia Ewing

Reply of the Fairies, The--Bessie Rayner Belloc

Rhys at the Fairy Dance--Maud Keary

Road to Fairyland, The--Ernest Thompson Seton

Rose, The--William Browne, of Tavistock

Ruin, The--Walter de la Mare

Sea Fairies--Patricia Hubbell

Sea Fairies--Eileen Mathias

Sea Fairies--Annie Rentoul

Seven Ages of Elf-Hood--Rachel Field

She--Jack Prelutsky

Sidhe, The--Elizabeth Chamberlain

Sidhe Race, The--Lady Wilde

Sleep Song--Steven Kroll

Snow Fairy, The--Claude McKay

Snow Queen, The--Maud Keary

Song--Thomas Hood

Song-Bird and the Fairy, The--Louisa Sarah Bevington

Song of Fairies Robbing an Orchard--Leigh Hunt

Song of the Elf--Mary Miller

Stolen Child, The--William Butler Yeats

Thomas the Rhymer--Francis James Child

Thoughts of Enchanted--Marcus Turnicus

Three Beggars, The--Walter de la Mare

To Mother Faerie--Alice Cary

Unwritten Poems--William Winter

Vanishing Faeries, The--Dora Sigerson Shorter

Water-Lilies--Felicia Dorothea Hemans

Who'll Help A Fairy--Charlotte Druit Cole

Wind on the Hills, The--Dora Sigerson Shorter

Wishes--Maud Keary

Yellow Dwarf--Countess D’Aulnoy: Fairy Tales